Here is some truth from the Team Member Information Committee as we know it:

  • We know the UAW is not here to help us, they are here to help themselves to a portion of our paychecks after they helped bankrupt the Detroit auto industry and helped themselves to a taxpayer bailout.

  • We know the German union IG Metall is not here to make a better life for us, they are here to make sure we do not get any more jobs in Alabama and to take the ones we do have away from us and back to Germany.

  • We know what west Alabama was like before MBUSI built the first M Class in 1997, and we know we do not want to go back there again.

  • We know that Alabama has been winning, and we know that Detroit, the UAW, and IG Metall has been losing - badly.

  • We know that this is Alabama, not Detroit. We know we would like to keep it that way

We are the Team Member Information Committee.  We want all team members to know what the UAW is really up to and what bringing them to MBUSI will mean for all of us.

Stay tuned for more information from the Team Member Information Committee. 

We are just getting started.


But here in Alabama all we see is a court jester.
Meet UAW President Bob King.  He may be the "King of Detroit".